Included In Your Rental

Inside Area


  • 60" Cable TV and DVD/CD Player
  • Digital Message Board
  • Wireless Internet Available


20' by 20' Kitchen is equipped with ice machine, cooler, refrigerator, three-compartment commercial sink, double oven stove, and a microwave oven. The kitchen is equipped mainly for caterers who wish to warm and prepare pre-cooked food. No frying of foods is permitted in the building. You can grill or barbeque 15' outside of the building.

Mural Dining Room

20' by 20' room with wall-to-wall murals, available to serve food, host a meeting, or be a backdrop for pictures.

Tables and Chairs

Standard equipment that comes with the building (items below are for indoor use only; outside furniture must be obtained by renter):


Renters are responsible for furnishing tablecloths for tables if so desired.

  • 72" round (7 tables that can seat up to 8 each)
  • 60" round (8 tables that can seat up to 6 each)
  • 50" round (2 tables that can seat up to 4 each)
  • 30" x 96" rectangle (12 tables that can seat up to 10 each)
  • 32" round cocktail tables (6 tables)


  • 65 Gray cushioned fabric steel chairs
  • 125 white granite folding chairs

Outside Area

Front Patio 

There is a large front patio area with a fishpond and basketball goal. Groups like this area to serve cocktails and refreshments.


There are three entrances to the building; each having large covered patios with ceiling fans.

Island and Pavilion (Back Area) 

This is a great outdoor wedding area with a beverage serving area for large parties and wedding receptions. There are 13 acres of land in this facility. A golf course is presently being built in the back area. A nice catfish pond with Mallard Ducks is located here. A wooden bridge leads to an island in the middle of the pond that is popular for wedding ceremonies. In the middle of the island, water gushes into a stream running to a waterfall spilling over the sidewalls into the pond.