Included In Your Rental

Inside Area


  • 60" Cable TV and DVD/CD Player
  • Digital Message Board
  • Wireless Internet Available


20' by 20' Kitchen is equipped with ice machine, cooler, refrigerator, three-compartment commercial sink, oven with stove, and a microwave oven. The kitchen is well equipped for caterers who wish to warm and prepare pre-cooked food. No frying of foods is permitted in the building. You may grill or barbeque 15' outside of the building.

Mural Dining Room

20' by 20' room with wall-to-wall murals, available to serve food, host a meeting, or be a backdrop for pictures.

Tables and Chairs

Standard equipment that comes with the building (items below are for indoor use only; outside furniture must be obtained by renter):


Renters are responsible for furnishing tablecloths for tables if so desired.

  • 72" round (7 tables that can seat up to 8 each)
  • 60" round (8 tables that can seat up to 6 each)
  • 50" round (2 tables that can seat up to 4 each)
  • 30" x 96" rectangle (12 tables that can seat up to 10 each)
  • 32" round cocktail tables (5 tables)


  • 125 white granite folding chairs

Outside Area


There are three entrances to the building; each having large covered patios with ceiling fans. One, nearest the parking lot, is ideal for caterers and other vendors to bring their supplies into the building conveniently. 

Front Patio 

There is a large front patio area with a waterfall-fed koi pond and concrete garden benches. Groups like this area to serve cocktails and refreshments.This entrance to the building leads directly into the Banquet Hall.

Mural Courtyard 

The Mural Courtyard makes a lovely greeting and gathering area as well as a beautiful backdrop for pictures. This entrance is opposite the Front Patio and leads directly into the Banquet Hall.

Tiki Bar Hut 

The Tiki Bar Hut is a wonderful place to serve refreshments, entertain guests with your choice of television, DJ or fun lighting you provide. The Tiki Bar Hut is wired for electricity and cable television. It also has a ceiling fan and corner lights. 


See our pricing page for costs to add or rent separately:

Small Gazebo and Garden Side Yard 

Access to the Small Gazebo and Garden Side Yard may be found in the Front Patio and Mural Courtyard areas. The area is surrounded on two sides by fencing. Pass through tall pergolas from the courtyards or from the front of the property to enter this side yard. Featured in the yard are a large, flat grassy area with large trees, shrubs and flowers. Centered in the area is a beautiful small gazebo. The gazebo features bench seating, a ceiling fan, electrical and water hookups and beautiful views from every angle. This large open area is a perfect addition to the main building for a variety of larger events. 

Island and Large Gazebo (Back Area) 

Enter the Back Area marked by a split-rail fence as you pass through a beautiful wooden pergola. To your right is a concrete patio which leads into a covered space. Inside the covered space are his & hers batherooms, iron tables and chairs and some kitchen equipment useful for bar-b-ques or drink service. To your left is a man-made pond featuring several species of large freshwater fish and a variety of resident duck species. A 40' wooden bridge leads to an island in the pond. The island is very popular for wedding ceremonies and features flowers and shrubbery along the perimiter, small accent lights and electrical hookups. On a slight hill by the pond sits a large gazebo featuring a ceiling fan with light, power and water hookups and beautiful views of the 13 acre landscaped areas. Gardens and benches surround the gazebo on three sides. Both the gazebo and the island serve beautifully as focal points for weddings.