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13 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds including garden benches and a water pond.
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The Perfect Place For Your Perfect Event.

COVID-19 Update

December 4, 2020

Governor McMaster's latest Executive Order does discuss requirements related to venues. Below is the wording used by Governor McMaster and our response to the requirements.

Quoted from Page 11 of Executive Order No. 2020-73 issued November 25, 2020: I hereby order and direct that the folowing categories or types of businesses, facilities, venues, services, activities, events or mass gatheriings (collectively, "Gathering"), as set forth and further defined below, shall be subject to and shall adhere to the following restrictions and conditions:

     1. The total number of employees, customers, patrons, suppliers, vendors, visitors, or other persons present for or in attendance at the Gathering shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the location's occupancy limit as determined by the fire marshall, if applicable, or two hundred fifty (250) persons, whichever is less.

     2. All employees, customers, patrons, suppliers, vendors, visitors, or other persons in attendance at the Gathering shall wear a Face Covering, as defined in Section 2(D) of this Order, subject to any applicable exceptions set forth in Section 2(c)(1)-(10) of this Order, as a condition of entry or participation.

     3. The sale or consumption of beer, wine, or alcoholic liquor shall be prohibited at any Gathering between the hours of 11:00 PM and 10:00AM the following day in accordance with Section 5 of this Order. 

     4. The organizers, operators, owners, or hosts of, or other parties responsible for, a Gathering shall take reasonable steps to incorporate, implement, comply with, and adhere to any applicable sanitation, "social distancing," and hygiene guidelines promulgated by the CDC, DHEC, or any other state or federal public health officials, as well as relevant industry guidance, to limit exposure to, and prevent the spread of, COVID-19.

Match Maker Response: 

1. We are still limiting occupancy to 40% to ensure that actual attendees, which may vary from expected guests, should still fall within the Governor's guidelines. This creates a limit of 90 souls inside the building at any one time.

2. This responsibility falls upon the host or hosts of an event. Event hosts should expect to provide disposable masks, hand sanitizer stations and easy access to trash cans for disposal during and after events. Should the hosts require help finding an affordable source for disposable masks, Match Maker Center is happy to provide contact information for a proven vendor with great prices and reasonable shipping times. 

3. This is a new clarification which will be made clear to all event hosts. Even for private events, all alcohol availability is to end at 11PM. As events are expected to be over and basic cleanup completed by Midnight, this works well towards keeping everyone safe and 'on time'. 

4. Efforts are made by Match Maker Center staff to encourage socially distanced table placement, family-grouping at tables, food service options which prevent crowding or frequent use of serving implements, and methods to comply with other social distancing guidelines. Follow-through depends entirely on hosts choosing to follow these guidelines and suggestions. 

Our ultimate goal is to allow our hosts and their guests to celebrate safely together. Most of our hosts have done excellent jobs putting together plans to keep their guests safe and healthy. We thank them as the community heros they are! With thoughtful planning and caring for the wellbeing of guests, we can continue to come together.

We at Match Maker Center are staying informed regarding local infection rates and any changes to Governor McMaster's orders related to venues, gatherings and public safety. Any changes which affect Match Maker Center's ability to rent this venue will be addressed when applicable. 

Below are some details about our facility:

A spacious 4,960 square foot conference building complete with a kitchen facility, a large banquet hall, an adjacent dining room, and two bathrooms. A vast, fully equipped kitchen - a caterer's dream.

13 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds including garden benches and a large botanical water pond complete with live goldfish and plants.

This location is perfect for any indoor or outdoor event. With the large capacity building and spectacular landscaping. You will find this location ideal for you entertaining needs.

If you need a place for that all-important meeting or event, and you are close to the Florence, SC area, then our Conference Center is the place for you! Conveniently located one block off I-95 at Exit 169 behind The Match Maker, Inc., a transportation brokerage company.

Please call to schedule your personalized tour! 843-669-9890. 

Thank you for your interest in the most beautiful 'hidden gem' in Florence.

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